Shell Buttons

Mother of pearl, shell and other pastel buttons for prettier and more delicate projects. Many of these buttons come from the Milan area of Italy.
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BN1466 engraved swirls shell button
BN2055 large 'worn pebble' button
BN2062 large cog-shaped button
BN1179 large eyes shell button
BN1998 coiled rope smoky pearl button
BN2036 Tiny glass buttons
BN1366 Primitive abalone button. Available in 3 sizes
BN1310 vine tendrils shell button
BN1814 Sophisticated jacket button
BN1610 Large smoke shell button
BN1860 'I love Paris' shell button
BN2059 cherries agoya button. Available in 2 sizes
BN1309 petal shaped shell button
BN1890 large painted agoya button. Available in 4 colours
BN1825 stunning enamelled agoya button
BN1926 enamelled agoya button. Available in 3 colours
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