Rowan buttons

The buttons and accessories shown here have been selected from our main range by the designers at Rowan Yarns, and have all featured in Rowan knitting and crochet patterns.
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BN1470 squashy rustic leather button
BN1108 large scorched horn button
BN1369 horn bodkin toggle
BN1492 tribal coconut button
BN1626 natural bamboo button
BN1368 Hand Sawn horn 4 hole button
BN1687 Running hare wooden button
RW5030 circular grooves button. Available in 2 sizes
BN1528 French military coat button
BN1731 bashed brass button
BN1874 enamelled coconut button. Available in 4 colours
FG1067 decorative pin. Available in 2 colours
BN1694 rambler rose button
BN1408 enamelled leaf metal button
BN1895 silver doubloon buttons. Available in 2 sizes
BN1617 Rimmed line-etched button
BN1366 Primitive abalone button. Available in 3 sizes
BN1179 large eyes shell button
RW5024 shiny copper seed beads
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