All oddments are sold by the piece or packet, and are at least half their original price
BN1760a dull gold etched buttons
HT1009 Velvet box braid
GD1078 swirly gold braid
CH1017 chain and mousseline tape
BT1024 elasticated chevron beaded trim
F1DSD001 Dear Stella Squirrel fabric
TM1105 Vampish satin trim
BD1173 Looped velvet braid
TM1109 Embroidered mousseline trim
BD1108 Saddle stitched linen tape
BT1040 Stand-up bugle bead fringe
BD1151 Embroidered hearts on linen
CH1016 studded elasticated strip
BD1106 Rose patterned bias tape
BD1209 saddle stitch grosgrain braid
BD1224 French-style striped piping
CH1034 looped chain edging
LT1016 Faux snakeskin edging
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