Neutral Buttons

Black, white and neutral-coloured buttons in an assortment of materials and sizes. Neutral they may be, but dull they are not.
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BN2094 Marbled button
BN2071 distressed frosted button
BN1997 small engraved shell button
BN1851 leaf spray button
BN1771 stylised flower button
BN1780 Striking zig zag button
BN1809 black & white tiles button
BN1178 pearl on shank
BN1097 'slate' button
BN1381 laced shell button
BN1752 rose check button
BN1757 elegant fleur de lys button
BN1537 Black & White diagonal button
BN1848 diamond facet button
BN1637 butterfly button
BN1603 distressed nautical button
BN1604 Floral heart button
BN1485 large enamelled coconut button. Available in 2 sizes
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