Natural buttons

Horn, leather, wood, bone, coconut and other natural and natural-looking buttons to add a relaxed warmth to your garments, knits and home accessories.
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BN2063 cork button
BN2057 leaf skeleton button
BN2029 blue butterfly button
BN2035 starburst wooden buttons
BN1449 palm leaf button
BN2027 Hispanic wooden button
BN1878 plaited leather button
BN2007 plaited suede button
BN1960 contemporary horn button
BN1958 animal print buttons
BN1963 sliced wood button
BN1914 primitive diamond button
BN1903 classic horn button
BN1891 geometric-patterned button
BN1902 dished horn button
BN1635 Sliced horn button
BN1847 portcullis coconut button
BN1800 ethnic floral button
BN1636 plaited leather button. Available in 2 colours
BN1775 Scallop pattern coconut button
BN1868 bird and blossom button
BN1854 vintage-look decoupage button
BN1927 cottage garden button
BN1517 Norwegian style wooden button. Available in 2 colours
BN1575 Fretwork horn button
BN1781 Lace-printed coconut button
BN1917 painterly swirls button
BN1869 paeony button
BN1672 Paint striped wooden button
BN1562 Wood Florentine button
BN1765 carved coconut flower button
BN1593 Stained wood button
BN1533 cheetah coconut button
BN1602 Lily coconut button
BN1710 Navajo coconut button
BN1367 distressed horn button. Available in 3 sizes
BN1806 leaf trails button
BN1630 Scroll design coconut button. Available in 2 colours
BN1696 Faded rose wooden button
BN1601 Pyrographed coconut button
BN1441 groovy horn button
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