Natural buttons

Horn, leather, wood, bone, coconut and other natural and natural-looking buttons to add a relaxed warmth to your garments, knits and home accessories.
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BN2063 cork button
BN2072 Distressed linen-look button
BN2088 metal-bound wooden buttons. Available in 2 colours
BN2096 Art Deco button
BN1859 half and half horn button
BN2030 Small Bauhaus button
BN2057 leaf skeleton button
BN2029 blue butterfly button
BN2064 honeycomb coconut button
BN2066 large etched wooden button
BN1967 faux horn jacket button
BN2035 starburst wooden buttons
BN2011 Dramatic large zebra button
BN1449 palm leaf button
BN2003 leopard/lacquer button
BN2009 Delightful pansy button
BN2027 Hispanic wooden button
BN2010 Field of flowers button
BN2012 vivid little coconut buttons. Available in 4 colours
BN1969 small stylised flower button
BN1878 plaited leather button
BN2039 faux horn button
BN1979  small rimmed horn button
BN1958 animal print buttons
BN2015 large textured horn button
BN2016 Large dished horn button
BN2007 plaited suede button
BN1960 contemporary horn button
BN1959 spirograph buttons
BN1963 sliced wood button
BN1707 Plaited leather style button
BN1941 painted flowers button
BN1108 large scorched horn button
BN1891 geometric-patterned button
BN1914 primitive diamond button
BN1938 classic leather-covered buttons. Available in 2 sizes
BN1903 classic horn button
BN1874 enamelled coconut button. Available in 4 colours
BN1919 Italian mock horn button
BN1839 Squared criss-cross button
BN1632 Hand-curled horn toggle
BN1902 dished horn button
BN1884 olive wood flower button
BN1925 paint-washed coconut buttons. Available in 3 colours
BN1693 White diamonds wooden button
BN1635 Sliced horn button
BN1833 striped horn button
BN1907 French carved horn button
BN1971 Outsize natural coconut button
BN1369 horn bodkin toggle
BN1847 portcullis coconut button
BN1636 plaited leather button. Available in 2 colours
BN1775 Scallop pattern coconut button
BN1800 ethnic floral button
BN1850 coconut fish eye button. Available in 3 colours
BN1470 squashy rustic leather button
BN1862 embossed flower button
BN1865 faux snakeskin button
BN1687 Running hare wooden button
BN1368 Hand Sawn horn 4 hole button
BN1684 Carved stag horn button
BN1517 Norwegian style wooden button. Available in 2 colours
BN1875 enamelled heart button
BN1854 vintage-look decoupage button
BN1868 bird and blossom button
BN1770 prettily decorated button
BN1806 leaf trails button
BN1527 Off square mottled horn button
BN1772 Flower garland button
BN1575 Fretwork horn button
BN1927 cottage garden button
BN1858 striped coconut button
BN1583 chevron button
BN1802 painted flowers button
BN1781 Lace-printed coconut button
BN1917 painterly swirls button
BN1768 wooden toggles. Available in 2 colours
BN1762 heart-shaped button
BN1869 paeony button
BN1672 Paint striped wooden button
BN1634 Sanded 4 hole horn button
BN1827 striking hand-painted button
BN1820 Lattice-patterned button
BN1593 Stained wood button
BN1793 floral wreath button
BN1506 small ethnic button
BN1675 College coconut button
BN1765 carved coconut flower button
BN1726 pin pricks button
BN1659 Floral coconut button
BN1633 Mottled horn 4 slot button
BN1533 cheetah coconut button
BN1596 Pretty wooden flower button. Available in 2 sizes
BN1602 Lily coconut button
BN1712 Persian carpet coconut button
BN1816 mock stitched leather button. Available in 2 sizes
BN1710 Navajo coconut button
BN1367 distressed horn button. Available in 2 sizes
BN1492 tribal coconut button
BN1626 natural bamboo button
BN1661 Abstract heart coconut button
BN1766 large flower button
BN1694 rambler rose button
BN1107 striped horn toggle
BN1661A Butterfly coconut button
BN1630 Scroll design coconut button. Available in 2 colours
BN1803 graphic scribble button
BN1776 abstract-pattern coconut button
BN1696 Faded rose wooden button
BN1733 leather-look button
BN1697 Small blowsy rose button
BN1625 Faux horn with brass insert
BN1601 Pyrographed coconut button
BN1441 groovy horn button
BN1580 Lizard button
BN1695 summer bouquet button
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