Motifs & appliques

Decorative appliques and iron-on motifs for decorating and embellishing home sewing and craft projects. Also good for covering 'accidents'.
MT2051 Quilted heart with arrow
MT2100 vintage rose bouquet motif
MT2052 Cherub with heart & bow
MT2069 galloping horse motif
MT2081 embroidered butterfly
MT2098 embroidered finch
MT2040 embroidered cockerel
MT2086 big green tractor
MT2083 cute little duckling motif
MT2023 Little patterned butterflies. Available in 2 sizes
MT2101 Sparkly iron on stars. Available in 2 colours
MT2088 Minnie Mouse applique
MT2087 pirate boy motif
MT2063 sequin flower motif
MT2073 satin stitch flower motif. Available in 2 colours
MT2058 embroidered flower. Available in 2 colours
MT2020 Floral butterfly
MT2089 Mickey Mouse iron on applique
MT2053 Penguin
MT2044 large floral butterfly
MT2059 cherry bunch
MT2071 laced up denim heart
MT2067 Felt vine leaf motif
MT2074 silky embroidered heart motif
MT2017 ice cream sundae
MT2059A Sparkling star
MT2079 embroidered feather motif. Available in 2 colours
MT2062 circular ethnic style motif
MT2048 Ginger kitten
MT2016 Bikini Set
VV1035 dragonfly motif. Available in 2 colours
MT2028 daisy motif. Available in 5 colours
MT2060 embroidered motif
MT2065 ethnic diamond shape motif
MT2078 Mr Brown The Bear
MT2076 Printed organza butterfly. Available in 2 colours
MT2077 beaded flower motif
MT2050 Soaring eagle
MT20701 sequinned flower motif
MT2057 tartan motif with felt flower
MT2061 small diamond motif
MT2080 embroidered red rose
MT2047 white bear wearing pink bow
MT2082 little embroidered pansy
MT2002 duckling motif
MT2070 lacy butterfly. Available in 2 colours
MT2075 vintage floral motif
MT2096 fantasy sequinned butterfly
MT2054 footballer
MT2091 satin stitch blue bird motif
MT2055 skateboarder
WE1005 bugle bead and cord flower motif
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