Metal Buttons

Metal buttons are extremely popular and are used for stylish fashion and outerwear. We have them in antique silver, pewter and brass. Glass and resin buttons are featured here too.
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BN2033 large leafy gilt button
BN2034 stamped brass and horn button
BN1876 retro 'couture' button
BN1731 bashed brass button
BN1629 Brass rimmed 4 hole button
BN1528 French military coat button
BN1719 Hammered brass button
BN1514 Distressed brass button
BN1844 enamelled butterfly button
BN2020 ruffled rosette metallic button
BN1557 brass-rimmed metal button
BN1988 traditional thistle button
BN1932 imperial coat button. Available in 3 colours
BN1031 metal piggy button
BN1895 silver doubloon buttons. Available in 2 sizes
RW5030 circular grooves button. Available in 2 sizes
BN1464 hammered pewter buttons
BN1939 antique silver forged buttons
BN1720 Engraved heart metal button
BN1408 enamelled leaf metal button
BN1617 Rimmed line-etched button
BN1904 hole-punched button. Available in 2 colours
BN1612 Large anchor button. Available in 2 sizes
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