Kids' buttons

Exciting buttons for babies and children. With lots of animal interest. They are suitable for knitting and sewing projects alike, so come on Gran, time to get your skates on.
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BN2026 painted wooden butterfly button
BN2021 sharky aeroplane button
BN2025 painted wooden parrot button. Available in 2 colours
BN2024 brolly button
BN2014 cheeky little matelot button
BN1965 little westie dog buttons. Available in 2 colours
BN1953 cycle button
BN1964 Jenny Wren buttons
BN1688 Cheeky Cat button
BN1933 colourful snap fasteners. Available in 6 colours
BN1916 guardsmen button
BN1955 kitten button
BN1952 Swedish horse button. Available in 2 colours
BN1951 translucent flower button. Available in 3 colours
BN1901 fire engine button
BN1934 bright little 4 hole buttons. Available in 5 colours
BN2013 fantasy fish button
BN1883 Babushka button
BN1690 Dog on wheels wooden button
BN1888 daisy pearl button
BN1898 bird button
BN1912 bright square-holed buttons. Available in 4 colours
BN1685 spotty bird button
BN1877 pill-shaped button. Available in 4 colours
BN1987 tiny rainbow button
BN1929 sweet little bunny buttons
BN1767 kids wooden toggles. Available in 4 colours
BN1855 penguin button
BN1783 Fluffy sheep button
BN1069 wooden horse button
BN1717 shell butterfly button
BN1730 sunshine button
BN1796 butterfly button. Available in 3 colours
BN1838 ginger kitty button
BN1568 chequerboard button
BN1727A small colour circles button. Available in 2 colours
BN1566 tiny 2-holed shell button. Available in 9 colours
BN1567 teddy bear coconut button
BN1544 Perspex dimpled button. Available in 3 colours
BN1665 Anyone for tennis button
BN1154 hen button
BN1020 daisy buttons. Available in 3 colours
BN1112 small Spanish sweetie button. Available in 5 colours
BN1030 lucky black cat button
BN1885 steam train button
BN1496 Teddy bear buttons
BN1655 tiny bright 4-holed button. Available in 3 colours
BN1493 bright two-tone poly button. Available in 5 colours
BN1899 sparkly fairy button
BN1746 Tiny shell flower button
BN1714 Textured floral button
BN1503 Donkey button. Available in 6 colours
BN1623 Cartoon elephant button
BN1870 sparkly princess buttons. Available in 2 colours
BN1525 colour circles button
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