Animal fur has, quite rightly, been a fashion no-no for the last fifteen years. It has been replaced by better and better versions of fake or faux fur. In the early days, fake fur was produced from nylon, which was coarse and produced lots of static. However, the current faux furs bear little resemblance to these earlier versions. They are luxurious, soft, silky and deep-piled, and come in a variety of animal patterns including chinchilla, Mongolian lamb, snow leopard, porcupine and mink. There is currently a craze for faux fur in home decoration, with fur cushions gracing sofas across the land. Fake fur throws and bedspreads are also incredibly popular and hot water bottle covers too!

Faux fur is increasingly fashionable for bridal wraps and stoles - a useful, as well as decorative accessory in our uncertain British weather. A particularly pretty version is a side-tying fox wrap, secured with satin ribbons.

Faux fur is also enjoying renewed status in fashion circles with fur - trimmed skirts, jackets and dresses abounding this winter. Watch out too, for hat, scarf and muff sets. Also PINK fur is making a splash, looking particularly good with pearls. Faux fur coats are coming back, and look especially good in winter white mink.