black and neutral buttons

Black, white and neutral-coloured buttons in an assortment of materials and sizes. Neutral they may be, but dull they are not.
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BN1950 Prince of Wales check button
BN2094 Marbled button
BN2017 Black arrowhead button. Available in 2 sizes
BN2097 mock tortoise button
BN1941Z painted flowers button
BN2032 large herringbone button
BN1873 pebble-shaped horn button.
BN2071 distressed frosted button
BN2004 oriental button
BN1921a moulded flower button
BN1997 small engraved shell button
BN1561 Brass-ringed black button
BN1886 faceted foliage button
BN1656 Scottie dog button
BN1935 lace pattern button. Available in 2 colours
BN1851 leaf spray button
BN1996 abstract criss cross button
BN1771 stylised flower button
BN1918 geometric zigzag button
BN1764 cutwork corozo button
BN1834 faux jet button
BN1536 Resin button with flourishes
BN2019 oriental style toggle button. Available in 2 colours
BN1691 Napoleon button
BN1819 translucent lacy button
BN1804 reef knots coconut button
BN1725 large trellis-patterned button
BN1754 Rustic patterned button
BN1841 vintage 50s chequerboard button
BN1780 Striking zig zag button
BN1849 overlapping chevron button
BN1569 petal shaped horn button
BN1763 large swirling marquetry button
BN1777 dressy gold star button
BN1809 black & white tiles button
BN1815 lightning flash button
BN1755 cheeky bow tie button
BN1704 Enamelled random tracks button
BN1701 Large swirls coconut button
BN1758 engraved shell button
BN1178 pearl on shank
BN1975 faux jet jacket button
BN1678 Black and perspex grooved button. Available in 2 sizes
BN1702 Large grooved coconut button
BN1097 'slate' button
BN1706 Checkerboard wooden button
BN1599 Paint-dragged button. Available in 2 colours
BN1681 Black striped perspex button
BN1631 Italian double hoop button
BN1381 laced shell button
BN1606 Linen-look button
BN1752 rose check button
BN1856 Dramatic flower button. Available in 2 colours
BN1666 Damask motif button
BN1576 large grey melange button
BN1757 elegant fleur de lys button
BN1600 Vines design poly button
BN1505 horn button with etched deer
BN1519 eggshell crash button
BN1432 gold streaked 4-holed button
BN1521 sliced & rippled resin button
BN1537 Black & White diagonal button
BN1591 Mock croc buttons
BN1848 diamond facet button
BN1509 black suede button
BN2000 contour lines button
BN1490 Florentine buttons
BN1637 butterfly button
BN1603 distressed nautical button
BN1604 Floral heart button
BN1628 Large rimmed 4 hole button
BN1581 natural white button
BN1485 large enamelled coconut button. Available in 2 sizes
BN1961 mottled stamped button. Available in 2 colours
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