Colourful beads and charms for embellishing and adding surface decoration to all kinds of sewing projects. Average bead hole sizes are, beads up to 5mm - 0.6mm. Beads over 6mm - 0.8mm.
GM1340 Unusual rippled glass shell bead
GM1335 Glass teardrop cleft bead
GM1347 Tiny square glass beads
GM1328 Frosted glass rose bead
GM1344 Bollywood enamelled flower bead
GM1343 Gem heart pendant. Available in 2 colours
GM1345 Red and blue glass pebbles
GM1349 Tiny faceted glass beads
GM1332 Bollywood enamelled bead. Available in 2 colours
GM1325 Glass tiger stripe heart bead
GM1327 Round 'fondant' glass beads. Available in 5 colours
GM1341 Faceted lantern bead
GM1338 Faceted crystal glass bead
GM1369 Large oval millefiore bead
GM1367 Faceted teardrop bead
GM1366 Faceted glass pony beads
GM1355 Porcelain panda
GM1373 Glass bead with cleft
GM1362 Smokey glass bicone bead
GM1351 Picasso rimmed oval bead
GM1370 Blue glass striped bead
GM1371 Lampwork disc bead
GM1376 High heeled shoe charm
GM1374 Bright glass beads. Available in 2 colours
GM1368 Purple / Teal trumpet beads
GM1283 Frosted square glass bead. Available in 2 colours
GM1365a Lampwork bead with gold foil
GM1286a Lacy daisy lampwork bead. Available in 2 colours
GM1357 Large cloisonne bead
GM1365 Pale jasper disc beads
GM1363 Glass star bead
GM1375 Porcelain goldfish
GM1360 Large bright plastic flower bead. Available in 3 colours
GM1276 Square glass bead
GM1288 Ridged cone foil bead
GM1337 Red glass heart bead
GM1284 Square glass bead. Available in 2 colours
GM1269a Large teardrop lamp bead
GM1271 Malachite disc beads
GM1319 Glass lampwork flower bead
GM1103 bee charm
GM1287 Lampwork bead. Available in 2 colours
GM1292a Tiger stripe glass heart
GM1257a Large glass leaf bead
GM1336 Glass pebble beads
GM1168 glass bead with spots
GM1235a Small glass leaf bead
GM1309a Glass rose button bead
GM1025 Curly shell beads 20g bags
GM1207a Enamelled starfish
GM1232a Gold coloured multi glass bead
GM1304 Enamelled star bead
GM1260 Large glass cube bead
GM1285a lampwork bead with scrolling
GM1188 ginger porcelain cat bead
GM1259a Ethnic donut beads
GM1342 Lozenge shaped glass bead
GM1230a Dyed shell chunks
GM1294 Cherry ripe button bead
GM1310 Glass daisy bead
GM1273a Dotty square glass beads. Available in 3 colours
GM1102a Millefiore bead. Available in 2 colours
GM1309 Glass rose button bead
GM1028a Shell Stars
GM1280 lampwork bead with daisy. Available in 2 colours
GM1205 decorative key charm
GM1292 Lozenge lamp bead with foil. Available in 2 colours
GM1093a Heart padlock charm
GM1358 rectangular glass lampwork bead
RW5024 shiny copper seed beads
GM1353 Lozenge lamp bead
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