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coppery weathered
Ref: BN1982
antiqued metallic button
highly decorative copper-antiqued button from Germany
SIZE 2.0cm wide PRICE each @ £3.75
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black on natural shell
Ref: BN1981
heron engraved shell button
shell button from Germany with a very elegant heron engraving.
SIZE 2.0cm diam. PRICE each @ £6.95
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Ref: BN1986
enamelled flower button
enamelled flower metal button from Germany
SIZE 2.0cm diam. PRICE each @ £3.95
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Ref: BN1984
small enamelled metal button
very attractive enamelled button from Germany
SIZE 1.5cm diam. PRICE each @ £2.95
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antique silver
Ref: DC1004
lone star stud
Make your leather and denim stand out with these large Texas lone star studs.
SIZE 2.2cm across PRICE each @ £6.95
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black/natural shell
Ref: BN1985
little daisy shell button
very pretty shell blouse button
SIZE 1.3cm diam. PRICE each @ £1.75
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blue/black on natural
Ref: BN1969
small stylised flower button
coconut button printed with stylised flowers
SIZE 1.5cm diam. PRICE each @ £1.50
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antique silver
Ref: BN1962
jaunty crown button
metal button from France decorated with a crown on a silky silver finish.
SIZE 1.8cm diam. PRICE each @ £1.95
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Ref: BN1983
Sixties retro printed button
SIZE 2.5cm diam PRICE each @ £4.25
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Ref: BN1970
red tram lines button
red tram lines button with a slightly translucent, reeded texture. Quite arty.
SIZE 1.5cm diam. PRICE each @ £1.50
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fawn on black
Ref: BN1980
'Arts & Crafts' button
A dished coconut button with a lacquered 'Arts & Crafts print. A stylish button for jackets and coats
SIZE 3.4cm diam. PRICE each @ £4.95
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antique silver
Ref: BN1978
pretty alpine button
pretty little alpine metallic button from Germany
SIZE 1.5cm diam. PRICE each @ £1.65
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Ref: BN1975
faux jet jacket button
A faux jet button with a distinctive web pattern
SIZE 2.0cm diam. PRICE each @ £1.45
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antique gold
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antique silver
Ref: BN1972
striking Spanish button
Highly decorative metallic button from Spain in antique gold or silver
SIZE 2.2cm wide PRICE each @ £3.95
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Ref: BN1976
grid-patterned pewter button
mesh-patterned jacket button from Spain in pewter metal
SIZE 2.0cm diam. PRICE each @ £1.75
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Ref: BN1974
tessellated bronze button
an unusual tessellated bronze button from Spain
SIZE 1.8cm diam. PRICE each @ £1.75
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antique silver
Ref: BN1973
tiny starfish button
tiny metallic starfish button
SIZE 1.0cm diam. PRICE each @ £1.35
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natural coconut
Ref: BN1971
Outsize natural coconut button
spectacularly-sized coconut husk buttons. They have been sanded and smoothed and each has its own unique quirks and imperfections. Would make a dramatic coat button.
SIZE 5.0cm diameter PRICE each @ £6.50
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Ref: BN1725
large trellis-patterned button
Sophisticated trellis pattern button from France. Perfect for coats and jackets.
SIZE 3.0cm diam PRICE each @ £3.95
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antique silver
Ref: FG1094
feather pin
decorative feather pin from France. Especially good with knitwear
SIZE 8.5cm long PRICE each @ £12.95
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Ref: BN1979
small rimmed horn button
fine quality Spanish horn button. Small and rimmed with 4 holes.
SIZE 1.5cm diam. PRICE each @ £3.95
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natural abalone
Ref: BN1366
Primitive abalone button
chunky hand cut abalone buttons. Beautifully marked and with a very bright lustre. Each one unique. Offered in three sizes.
SIZE 1.5cm diam. PRICE each @ £1.95
SIZE 2.3cm diam PRICE each @ £4.95
SIZE 3.0cm diam. PRICE each @ £6.95
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silver on donkey brown
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silver on black
Ref: BD1273
faux suede trim with stars
silver metallic stars on narrow faux suede trim
SIZE 7mm wide PRICE metre @ £2.99
swatch @ £1.00
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mother of pearl
Ref: BN1966
pearl granddad button
lovely old fashioned mother of pearl granddad button with brass shank
SIZE 1.4cm diam. PRICE each @ £1.75
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chalky yellow
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Ref: LC1178
narrow floral guipure lace
narrow floral guipure lace in a variety of colours
SIZE 1.5cm wide PRICE metre @ £2.75
swatch @ £1.00
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pale blue/gold
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candy pink/gold
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Ref: BD1275
metallic spotty ribbon
A fun-filled metallic spotty ribbon
SIZE 1.0cm wide PRICE metre @ £1.35
swatch @ £1.00
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Ref: BD1272
multi-coloured zig zag braid
bright three-coloured zig zag braid from France
SIZE 1.1cm wide PRICE metre @ £1.75
swatch @ £1.00
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multi bright
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Multi mauves
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Ref: BD1263
zingy striped bias tape
multi-striped bias tape in good quality polyester from France. A real eye-catcher.
SIZE 2.5cm wide PRICE metre @ £4.50
swatch @ £1.00
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rainbow colours
Ref: BD1276
multi-coloured soft cord
SIZE 3mm wide PRICE metre @ £0.85
swatch @ £0.85
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bold blue/pink
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shocking pink/yellow
Ref: TM1243
Inca fringe trimming
Inca jacquard fringe trimming in knockout colours
SIZE 1.5cm wide inc. fringe PRICE metre @ £1.50
swatch @ £1.00
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orange on white
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blue on white
Ref: RB1359
summer flowers satin ribbon
shiny satin ribbon printed with summer flowers
SIZE 2.5cm wide PRICE metre @ £2.95
swatch @ £1.00
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palest gold
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Ref: GD1147
lustrous tassel trim
A soft and lustrous lurex tassel trim
SIZE 3.5cm wide PRICE metre @ £3.95
swatch @ £1.00
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multi on blue
Ref: RB1361
kids' safari ribbon
kids' safari ribbon. Woven design, matt finish.
SIZE 1.6cm wide PRICE metre @ £3.25
swatch @ £1.00
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rich turquoise/white
Ref: RB1360
butterflies satin ribbon
shiny satin ribbon with white appliqued butterflies
SIZE 2.5cm wide PRICE metre @ £3.95
swatch @ £1.00
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pale ivory
Ref: LC1177
fine cobweb lace
fine gauge cobweb lace from France in 100% cotton. Lovely quality
SIZE 2.8cm wide PRICE metre @ £7.95
swatch @ £1.00
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pearly white
Ref: GD1148
faux pearl trim
twinkly faux pearl trim from France
SIZE 1.0cm wide PRICE metre @ £2.75
swatch @ £1.00
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bright red/green
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Ref: RB1328
satin Inca ribbon
satin jacquard Inca ribbon
SIZE 1.5cm wide PRICE metre @ £2.95
swatch @ £1.00
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Ref: RB1351
rich jacquard ribbon
richly embroidered jaquard ribbon braid from France - this trim is reversible
SIZE 3.4cm wide PRICE metre @ £2.95
swatch @ £1.00
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silver on black
Ref: GD1146
tiny silver beads trim
Two rows of tiny silver beads on a black background. A good quality trimming from France.
SIZE 1.2cm wide PRICE metre @ £3.95
swatch @ £1.00

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