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Ref: BN1823
engraved domed button
Large engraved wooden domed button
SIZE 2.5cm diam. PRICE each @ £2.75
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aged brass
Ref: BN1826
brass coffee bean button
coffee bean replica button from Germany.
SIZE 1.0cm across PRICE each @ £1.99
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burnt sienna/gold
Ref: BN1807
Italian renaissance button
Reminiscent of Florence and Siena in the 14th century
SIZE 1.8cm diam. PRICE each @ £1.99
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antique brass
Ref: BN1837
tiny brass blouse button
SIZE 1.0cm diam. PRICE each @ £0.75
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deep violet
Ref: BN1309
petal shaped shell button
SIZE 2.5 cm. across PRICE each @ £3.95
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Ref: BN1836
tiny gold filigree button
SIZE 1.0cm diam. PRICE each @ £0.95
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rich tan
Ref: BN1816
mock stitched leather button
SIZE 1.5cm diam. PRICE each @ £0.95
SIZE 2.3cm diam. PRICE each @ £1.85
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antique silver
Ref: FG1085
silver hook fastening
fine quality antique silver hook fastening
SIZE fastened width 2.8cm PRICE each @ £3.95
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Ref: BN1835
steam punk button
SIZE 1.5cm diam. PRICE each @ £0.75
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antique brown/multi
Ref: BN1800
ethnic floral button
ethnic floral coconut button
SIZE 1.8cm diam. PRICE each @ £2.20
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Ref: BN1820
Lattice-patterned button
lovely little lattice-patterned wooden button from France.
SIZE 1.5cm diam. PRICE each @ £1.65
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Ref: BN1795
Frosted floral button
Very attractive frosted floral button in two sizes
SIZE 1.8cm diam. PRICE each @ £1.50
SIZE 2.8cm diam. PRICE each @ £3.25
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gold/multi on black
Ref: GD1119
Rich Persian braid
A jacquard braid with metallic threads
SIZE 2.5cm wide PRICE metre @ £5.75
swatch @ £1.75 inc Handling
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Ref: BN1797
red rose button
SIZE 1.5cm diam PRICE each @ £1.75
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Ref: LC1065
crochet ribbon lace
crochet lace threaded with organza and silver ribbon
SIZE 2.0 cm wide PRICE metre @ £3.25
swatch @ £1.75 inc Handling
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Ref: LC1156
loopy Venice lace
SIZE 3.1cm widest PRICE metre @ £4.45
swatch @ £1.75 inc Handling
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dark coral/wine
Ref: TM1181
dainty tufted trim
narrow dainty tufted trim
SIZE 8mm wide PRICE metre @ £2.95
swatch @ £1.50 inc Handling
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nearly navy on natural
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rose on natural
Ref: BD1215
feather stitch ric rac
narrow feather stitch ric rac
SIZE 5mm wide PRICE metre @ £1.15
swatch @ £1.50 inc Handling
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Ref: BD1219
ethnic triangles edging
ethnic triangles silky jacquard edging
SIZE 2.5cm wide PRICE metre @ £4.95
swatch @ £1.75 inc Handling
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Ref: RB1328
satin Inca ribbon
satin jacquard Inca ribbon
SIZE 1.5cm wide PRICE metre @ £2.25
swatch @ £1.50 inc Handling
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red on white
Ref: RB1331
poppy ribbon
poppy printed satin ribbon
SIZE 1.5cm wide PRICE metre @ £1.50
swatch @ £1.50 inc Handling

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