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GD1119 Rich Persian braid
BD1147 basket weave silky edging. Available in 4 colours
LC1065 crochet ribbon lace
BD1222 glitter-threaded plain braid. Available in 2 colours
LC1157 ribbon needle lace. Available in 2 colours
TM1196 rich vintage trim. Available in 2 colours
BD1135 satin Chanel braid
TM1178 velvet Siena trim. Available in 2 colours
TM1198 hand sewn picot trim. Available in 2 colours
BN1309 petal shaped shell button
BN1841 vintage 50s chequerboard button
BN1840 Navy button with tracery
BN1842 oriental floral button
BN1839 Squared criss-cross button
BN1843 'Milky Way'button
BN1820 Lattice-patterned button
BN1837 tiny brass blouse button
BN1816 mock stitched leather button. Available in 2 sizes
BN1836 tiny gold filigree button
BN1800 ethnic floral button
BN1826 brass coffee bean button
BN1807 Italian renaissance button
BN1823 engraved domed button
BN1821 Daisy button. Available in 2 colours
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