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Our newest buttons, beads, trimmings, fabrics and accessories at a glance.
BN1881 luminous faceted buttons. Available in 3 colours
BN1904 hole-punched button. Available in 2 colours
BN1921a grey moulded flower button
BN1895 silver doubloon buttons
BN1911 swirling leaf button
BN1905 large filigree button
BN1860 'I love Paris' shell button
BN1874 enamelled coconut button. Available in 5 colours
BN1899 sparkly fairy button
BN1369 horn bodkin toggle
BN1880 tiny enamelled metal buttons. Available in 4 colours
BN1873 pebble-shaped horn button.
BN1366A large chunky abalone button
BN1909 nostalgic roses button
BN1918 geometric zigzag button
BN1908 small square moulded button
BN1897 lustrous renaissance button
BN1896 star struck agoya button
BN1902 dished horn button
BN1878 plaited leather button
BN1903 classic horn button
BN1906 bronze filigree button
BN1910 horn and oak leaf button
BN1907 abstract art deco button
BN1919n Italian horn button
BN1914 primitive diamond button
BN1917 painterly swirls button
BN2913 painted flower button. Available in 2 sizes
FG1089 faux suede toggle
BN1915 giant fifties button. Available in 3 colours
BN1901 fire engine button
BN1879 delicate bell-shaped button. Available in 4 colours
BN1916 guardsmen button
BN1912 bright square-holed buttons. Available in 4 colours
BN1898 bluebird button
BN1900 yellow-rimmed button
BD1238 lustrous cuba braid
TM1223 embroidered daisies trim
BD1237 lustrous silky grosgrain. Available in 3 colours
TM1221 rococo trim
GD1129 gold cornelli motif
GD1130 decorative gold foil braid
BD1221 Jacquard grosgrain trim. Available in 2 colours
HT1023 vivid pom pom fringe. Available in 2 colours
BD1239 classic piped edging
GD1126 butterfly and bead trim
BD1223 embroidered ric rac. Available in 3 colours
GD1128 iron-on bead chip trim
BD1230 Italian leather and cord trim
FR1014 guinea fowl fringing. Available in 2 colours
TM1220 loop-edged ladder braid. Available in 3 colours
TM1219 laced faux leather braid. Available in 2 colours
BD1236 wavy intertwined gimp
TM1217 vibrant picot trim
BD1211 firm grosgrain braid. Available in 2 colours
TM1216 jacquard roses trim
LC1169 Fine French lace
TM1202 soft denim fringe
HT1022 multi-coloured tassel fringe
BD1233 rope pattern insertion braid. Available in 4 colours
TM1201 embroidered and beaded trim. Available in 2 colours
BD1235 silky picot grosgrain. Available in 3 colours
TM1222 tufted insertion trim
LC1164 floral scalloped lace. Available in 3 colours
GD1131 embroidered elephant trim
GD1132 gold medallion trim. Available in 3 colours
GD1133a gold embroidery edging. Available in 3 colours
MT2098 embroidered finch
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