What's New !

Our newest buttons, braids, trimmings and lace at a glance. We are continually adding new items to our haberdashery range and we group them together here, so that one quick look will show what's changed since your last visit.
BN1982 antiqued metallic button
BN1981 heron engraved shell button
BN1986 enamelled flower button
BN1984 small enamelled metal button
DC1004 lone star stud
BN1985 little daisy shell button
BN1969 small stylised flower button
BN1962 jaunty crown button
BN1983 Sixties retro printed button
BN1970 red tram lines button
BN1980 'Arts & Crafts' button
BN1978 pretty alpine button
BN1975 faux jet jacket button
BN1972 striking Spanish button. Available in 2 colours
BN1976 grid-patterned pewter button
BN1974 tessellated bronze button
BN1973 tiny starfish button
BN1971 Outsize natural coconut button
BN1725 large trellis-patterned button
FG1094 feather pin
BN1979  small rimmed horn button
BN1366 Primitive abalone button. Available in 3 sizes
BD1273 faux suede trim with stars. Available in 2 colours
BN1966 pearl granddad button
LC1178 narrow floral guipure lace. Available in 4 colours
BD1275 metallic spotty ribbon. Available in 3 colours
BD1272 multi-coloured zig zag braid
BD1263 zingy striped bias tape. Available in 3 colours
BD1276 multi-coloured soft cord
TM1243 Inca fringe trimming. Available in 4 colours
RB1359 summer flowers satin ribbon. Available in 2 colours
GD1147 lustrous tassel trim. Available in 2 colours
RB1361 kids' safari ribbon
RB1360 butterflies satin ribbon
LC1177 fine cobweb lace. Available in 2 colours
GD1148 faux pearl trim
RB1328 satin Inca ribbon. Available in 3 colours
RB1351 rich jacquard ribbon. Available in 3 colours
GD1146 tiny silver beads trim
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