What's New !

Our newest buttons, braids, trimmings and lace at a glance. We are continually adding new items to our haberdashery range and we group them together here, so that one quick look will show what's changed since your last visit.
BN2025 painted wooden parrot button. Available in 2 colours
BD1283 plaited suede braid. Available in 2 colours
BN1792 large summer daisy button
BD1282 jacquard zigzag tape. Available in 2 colours
BN2026 painted wooden butterfly button
TM1256 softly textured fringe. Available in 3 colours
MT2099 embroidered flowers on net. Available in 3 colours
RB1370 pink and ivory wide ribbon
DC1006 delicate flower embellishment. Available in 4 colours
LC1181 navy and white broderie trim
BN2018 decorative agoya button
TM1254 crisp broderie edging
BN2006 bell-shaped button. Available in 2 colours
TM1255 organdy guipure trim
DC1004 lone star stud
HT1045 looping gimp braid. Available in 4 colours
BN2023 lazy wavy button
BD1275 metallic spotty ribbon. Available in 3 colours
RB1372 printed feather tape
BN2010 Field of flowers button
TM1257 real suede scalloped edging. Available in 3 colours
BN2011 Dramatic large zebra button
BN2003 leopard/lacquer button
BN2027 Hispanic wooden button
BD1273 faux suede trim with stars. Available in 2 colours
BN2015 large textured horn button
BD1284 plaited Spanish leather
RB1366 jaguar velvet ribbon
BN2007 plaited suede button
GD1156 Gold and black flock edging
GD1157 fleur de lys adhesive strip. Available in 2 colours
BN2019 oriental style toggle button. Available in 2 colours
RB1369 gold crinkle ribbon
GD1158 shiny gold chain trimming
BN2017 Black arrowhead button. Available in 2 sizes
TM1250 pleated satin fringe. Available in 3 colours
TM1253 Dazzling Spanish embroidery
BD1280 polka dots ric rac. Available in 2 colours
BD1278 silky diamond braid. Available in 2 colours
TM1252 Bright broderie trim. Available in 5 colours
BN2024 brolly button
TM1251 bridle headband trim. Available in 2 colours
GD1154 silver leaves trim
BN2014 cheeky little matelot button
GD1158A Shiny silver chain trimming
BN2020 ruffled rosette metallic button
BN2028 river shell shirt button
BN2012 vivid little coconut buttons. Available in 4 colours
BN2016 Large dished horn button
BN2023b busy wavy button
BN2009 Delightful pansy button
BN2022  neon-bright buttons. Available in 3 colours
FG1095 large rustic press stud
BN1998 coiled rope smoky pearl button
BN1675 College coconut button
BD1279 dog print tape
BN2013 fantasy fish button
TM1245 ric rac with stars. Available in 2 colours
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