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Our newest buttons, beads, trimmings, fabrics and accessories at a glance.
BN1777 dressy gold star button
BN1778 cheeky donkey button
BN1784 Millefiore button.
BN1782 Folk pattern button
BN1786a gypsy folk button
BN1781 Lace-printed coconut button
BN1785 cherry blossom button
BN1789 Shimmering moth shell button
BN1780 Striking zig zag button
BN1783 Fluffy sheep button
BN1790 fairy shell button
BN1779 pretty 4 hole shell button
BN1786 Bright epoxy metal button. Available in 5 colours
BN1788 Frosted florals button
BN1791 Abstract check button
FW1077 French polka dot corsage
GD1106 gold and satin stitch edging
FW1078 Liberty print corsage
TM1178 velvet Sienna trim
TM1181 dainty tufted trim. Available in 2 colours
GD1105 lustrous fringed ribbon
BD1209 saddle stitch grosgrain braid. Available in 4 colours
GD1107 gold embroidered floral trim
BD1210 polka dot braid. Available in 4 colours
TM1182 woolly herringbone trim
TM1180 Richly embroidered trim
TM1183 woolly herringbone trim
RB1327 satin ombre ribbon
BD1211 Firm grosgrain braid
BD1204 Italian rich velvet braid
RB1325 Sewing Bee ribbon
BD1169 Silky diamond ombré braid
RB1326 baby bunny ribbon. Available in 2 colours
GD1104 criss cross crochet braid
RB1324 toy guardsman ribbon
TM1179 ombre frill
FA1019 V&A Vintage Flourish
FA1011 Brandon Mably Rings
FA1018 V&A Vintage Floret
FA1014 Michael Miller Verity
FA1015 Michael Miller Gypsy Vine
FA1009 Brandon Mably Daisy Chain
FA1013 Kaffe Fassett Surrey
FA1016 Michael Miller Dappled Migration
FA1010 Kaffe Fassett Antwerp
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