Rowan buttons

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dark chestnut brown
Ref: BN1470
squashy rustic leather button
squashy rustic leather button from Germany. Good for casual knitwear
SIZE 2.5 cm. diameter PRICE each @ £3.95
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Ref: BN1593
Stained wood button
Stained wood button with patterned edge
SIZE 1.8cms PRICE each @ £1.50
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Ref: BN1533
cheetah coconut button
SIZE 2.0cm diam. PRICE each @ £1.95
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Ref: BN1903
classic horn button
classic horn button from Germany. Patterning unique to each button.
SIZE 2.0cm diam PRICE each @ £3.95
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antique brass/pewter
Ref: BN1750
domed baroque button
brass and pewter domed baroque button
SIZE 2.0cm diam PRICE each @ £1.75
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Ref: BN1108
large scorched horn button
finest quality scorched horn button from Germany
SIZE 2.7cm diameter PRICE each @ £7.95
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Ref: BN1979
small rimmed horn button
fine quality Spanish horn button. Small and rimmed with 4 holes.
SIZE 1.5cm diam. PRICE each @ £3.95
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Ref: BN1906
bronze filigree button
SIZE 1.8cm diam. PRICE each @ £1.75
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Ref: BN1679
Brass & pewter spokes button
SIZE 2.0cm diam PRICE each @ £1.85
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antique silver
Ref: BN1546
old florin button
SIZE 2.2cms diam PRICE each @ £2.45
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gunmetal grey
Ref: BN1408
enamelled leaf metal button
fine quality enamelled metal button with leaf design
SIZE 2.3 cm approx. PRICE each @ £4.50
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Ref: BN1685
spotty bird button
Painted wood spotty bird button from Germany
SIZE 1.5cm diam PRICE each @ £2.95
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antique silver
Ref: BN1895
silver doubloon buttons
SIZE 2.5cm diam. PRICE each @ £2.95
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Ref: BN1369
horn bodkin toggle
Bodkin-shaped horn toggle. Making a welcome return after a long absence
SIZE 5.0 cm long PRICE each @ £7.95
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natural abalone
Ref: BN1366
Primitive abalone button
chunky hand cut abalone buttons. Beautifully marked and with a very bright lustre. Each one unique. Offered in three sizes.
SIZE 1.5cm diam. PRICE each @ £1.95
SIZE 2.3cm diam PRICE each @ £4.95
SIZE 3.0cm diam. PRICE each @ £6.95
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distressed brown
Ref: BN1367
distressed horn button
distressed horn-tipped button from France. Chosen specially by Rowan Yarns.
SIZE 1.5cm diam PRICE each @ £2.95
SIZE 1.8cm diam PRICE each @ £3.45
SIZE 2.2cm diam PRICE each @ £3.95
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Multi on black
Ref: BN1709
Art Nouveau coconut button
Coconut button from Italy printed with art nouveau florals
SIZE 1.8cm diam PRICE each @ £1.75
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jam red
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Naples yellow
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ocean blue
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spring green
Ref: BN1874
enamelled coconut button
SIZE 3.0cm diam. PRICE each @ £3.95
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old gold - 7 left
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burnished silver
Ref: BN1302b
teardrops button 1.8
metallic dimpled teardrop 4h button 1.8cm diam.
SIZE 1.8cm diam. PRICE each @ £1.65
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gold engraved abalone shell
Ref: BN1624
Small wavy shell button
Abalone button with wavy contours picked out in gold
SIZE 1.3cm diam PRICE each @ £1.25
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antique brass
Ref: BN1731
bashed brass button
heavy bashed brass button from Germany
SIZE 2.8cm diam. PRICE each @ £3.25
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Ref: BN1562
Wood Florentine button
Florentine-patterned wood button from Italy
SIZE 1.8 cm. diameter PRICE each @ £1.50
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Ref: FG1067
decorative pin
SIZE 7.5 cm. long PRICE each @ £11.95
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Antique brass
Ref: BN1564
bevelled brass button
simple 2-holed bevelled brass button
SIZE 1.5cm diam PRICE each @ £1.25
SIZE 1.8cm diam PRICE each @ £1.50
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Ref: BN1114
filigree button
slightly domed filigree metal button
SIZE 2.0cm across PRICE each @ £1.85
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pearly white/antique silver
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blush pink/ antique silver
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buff/antique silver
Ref: BN1948
pill button with milled rim
pill button with milled metal rim. A classic from France.
SIZE 1.5cm wide PRICE each @ £1.85
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antique silver
Ref: RW5021
celtic metal button
SIZE 1.5cm diam PRICE each @ £1.50
SIZE 1.8 cm. diam. PRICE each @ £1.75
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Ref: RW5030
circular grooves button
Fine quality Toledo gunmetal buttons
SIZE 1.8 cm diam PRICE each @ £2.45
SIZE 2.3 cm diam PRICE each @ £3.95
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Ref: BN1510
hammered pewter button
SIZE 1.5 cm. diameter PRICE each @ £1.55
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Antique silver
Ref: BN1617
Rimmed line-etched button
SIZE 2.5cms diam PRICE each @ £2.25
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antique brown/multi
Ref: BN1800
ethnic floral button
ethnic floral coconut button
SIZE 1.8cm diam. PRICE each @ £2.25
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Ref: BN1372
beautifully marked toggles
Each with unique markings
SIZE 5.0 cm long PRICE each @ £4.95
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old silver
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antique bronze
Ref: RW5019
domed chased button
fine quality domed chased metal button
SIZE 1.5 cm diameter PRICE each @ £1.95
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antique brass
Ref: BN1116
engraved brass button
4 hole brass button with intertwined engraving
SIZE 1.5cm across PRICE each @ £1.95
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Distressed brown
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Distressed cream
Ref: BN1636
plaited leather button
distressed plaited leather ball button from Germany
SIZE 2.0cm diam approx PRICE each @ £5.95
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Ref: BN1368
Hand Sawn horn 4 hole button
Artisan hand-sawn horn buttons from Germany. Each one unique with colour and texture variations.
SIZE 3.0 cm diam PRICE each @ £3.95
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smoky grey
Ref: BN1365
small smoky shell button
small etched mother of pearl button from Italy
SIZE 1.1 cm diam. PRICE each @ £0.95
SIZE 1.5 cm diam PRICE each @ £1.35
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Ref: BN1492
tribal coconut button
SIZE approx. 2.2 cm. diameter PRICE each @ £2.50
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burnished silver
Ref: BN1302
teardrops button 1.5
metallic dimpled teardrop 4h button 1.5cm diam.
SIZE 1.5 cm. diam. PRICE each @ £1.45
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Antique Brass
Ref: BN1528
French military coat button
Classic French couture coat button
SIZE 2.8cms diam. PRICE each @ £2.95
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French navy/white
Ref: BN1756
blue swirl button
A French button with great wow factor.
SIZE 1.8cm diam PRICE each @ £2.75
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Ref: BN1269
small flowery shell button
Exquisite small flowery shell button.
SIZE 1.3cm diam PRICE each @ £1.99
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Red on white
Ref: BN1574
Tiny love heart button
SIZE 1.1cm diam PRICE each @ £1.25
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Ref: BN1602
Lily coconut button
SIZE 1.8cms diam PRICE each @ £1.50
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intense pink
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duck egg
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turkish blue
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Ref: BN1729
vivid agoya button
vividly-dyed agoya shell buttons from Germany
SIZE 1.8cm diam PRICE each @ £1.50
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natural shell
Ref: BN1337
scallop-edged shell button
mother of pearl button with engraved scallop design.
SIZE 1.8 cm diam. PRICE each @ £1.95
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natural mother of pearl
Ref: BN1264
fretwork shell button
Italian fretwork mother of pearl button
SIZE 1.5cm diam PRICE each @ £2.25
SIZE 1.8cm diam. PRICE each @ £2.75
SIZE 2.3cm diam PRICE each @ £3.95
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Ref: BN1694
rambler rose button
Rambler rose wooden button
SIZE 2.3cm diam PRICE each @ £1.75
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natural shell
Ref: BN1556
beautiful cutwork shell button
SIZE 1.5cm diam PRICE each @ £2.45
SIZE 1.7cm diam. PRICE each @ £2.75
SIZE 2.0cm diam PRICE each @ £3.45
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Ref: BN1687
Running hare wooden button
SIZE 2.7cms across PRICE each @ £2.95
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natural mother of pearl
Ref: BN1150
prettily engraved button
Italian shell button with prettily engraved edging
SIZE 1.3cm diam PRICE each @ £1.25
SIZE 2.0cm diam. PRICE each @ £2.45
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Ref: BN1695
summer bouquet button
summer bouquet wooden button
SIZE 2.5cm diam PRICE each @ £1.95
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natural mother of pearl
Ref: BN1578c
Baroque shell button
Beautifully etched shell button
SIZE 1.5cm diam PRICE each @ £1.50
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Natural mother of pearl
Ref: RW5004A
Leaf trails shell button
SIZE 2.0cm diam PRICE each @ £2.95
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natural bamboo
Ref: BN1626
natural bamboo button
A very tactile button with its unique texture
SIZE 2.4cm diam PRICE each @ £1.75
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pewter on Mother of Pearl
Ref: RW5038
ivy leaf shell button
SIZE 1.8 cm. diameter PRICE each @ £1.95
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pearly white
Ref: BN1179
large eyes shell button
enamelled mother of pearl button with attractive large eye holes
SIZE approx. 2.5 cm diameter PRICE each @ £2.95
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mixture of shiny pink/green/amber
Ref: RW5024
shiny copper seed beads
specially imported from Canada to embellish Dapper, the front cover garment on the Rowan magazine 47
SIZE 6/0 PRICE approx 20g @ £3.95

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