Plain & striped fabrics

Oakshott's lustrous woven cottons and Kaffe Fassett's woven stripes both have a fine reputation for quality. They can be used for all kinds of needlework and sewing, including dressmaking, quilting and for home accessories.
FFE131 Elements Earth Platinum
FA1022 Kaffe Fassett Broad Stripe
FF113 Colourshott Apricot
FF110 Colourshott Desert Rock
FA1024 Kaffe Fassett exotic stripe
FFE132 Elements Fire Etna
FFE135 Elements Earth Jasper
FF210 Longshott Tulip
FF101 Colourshott Rocky
FA1021 Kaffe Fassett Narrow Stripe
FF107 Summer Pink - early rose
FF126 Colourshott Flame
FF123 Colourshott Autumn Maple
FF800 Ruby Red Palma
FF801 Ruby Red Toledo
FFE134 Elements Spirit Gemma
FF111 Colourshott Purple Haze
FF208 Longshott Petunia
FF106 Colourshott Rose Mist
FF900 New Colourshott Sweet Pea
FF102 Colourshott African lily
FF207 Longshott Morning Glory
FA1023 Kaffe Fassett Narrow Stripe
FF700 Impressions Antibes
FF122 Elements Water Sulu
FF1000 Lakes Lucerne
FF121 Colourshott Denim
F1AN1003 Robert Kaufman 21 Wale Corduroy
FF901 New Colourshott Zinnia
FF902 New Colourshott Corn Lily
FFE133 Elements Earth Dolostone
FF209 Longshott Forest Green
FF128 Colourshott Sea Green
FF127 Colourshott Water Alboran
FF117 Colourshott Apple Green
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