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Ref: LC1025
scalloped tulle
Pretty embroidered scalloped tulle. Originally 2.85 per metre 1.34 metre piece left. Now half price.
SIZE 4.7 cm wide PRICE piece @ £1.91
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Ref: GD1078
swirly gold braid
swirly gold braid. Originally 3.25 per metre, 1.39 metre piece left. Now half price.
SIZE approx. 1.0 cm. wide PRICE piece @ £2.26
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Ref: LC1053A
Criss cross crochet ribbon lace
Criss cross crochet ribbon lace. Originally 3.25. 1.86 metre piece left. Now half price.
SIZE 1.4cms wide PRICE piece @ £3.02
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Ref: TM1096
Lustrous mini tassel braid
Lustrous mini tassel braid. Originally 12.65 per metre. 2.3 metre piece left. Now half price.
SIZE braid 1 cm. tassel 3cm. PRICE piece @ £11.38
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Ref: CH1017
chain and mousseline tape
Chain and sequins on see through mousseline tape. Originally 8.95 per metre. Now 10.00 for this 2.3 metre piece.
SIZE 2.5 cm wide PRICE piece @ £10.00
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Ref: GD1043
ric-rac with sequins
Ric-rac with sequins originally 1.35 per metre, now 1.35 for this two metre piece.
SIZE approx 1.3 cm wide PRICE piece @ £1.35
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Ref: BN1828
smooth, tactile wooden button
fine quality wooden buttons. Originally 3.95 each. Two left . Now 3.50 for both
SIZE 2.3cm diam. PRICE packet @ £3.50
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Ref: LC1137
Medium floral broderie
Medium floral broderie 0.9 metre piece left. Originally 2.50 per metre, now HALF PRICE
SIZE 4.5cms wide PRICE piece @ £1.12
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petroleum on black
Ref: BT1024
elasticated chevron beaded trim
elasticated chevron beaded trim 1m 86 piece left. Originally 3.95 per metre now half price.
SIZE 1 cm wide PRICE piece @ £3.67
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pearly aqua on black
Ref: BT1016
Sequin daisy on organza ribbon
Sequin daisy on organza ribbon. Originally 1.95 per metre, 1 metre piece left. Now half price.
SIZE ribbon 3.6 mm wide PRICE piece @ £0.98
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Black/White on red - 0.8m piece
Ref: F1DSD001
Dear Stella Squirrel fabric
Squirrel motifs approx 2.5cm wide/ 3cm high. 100% Cotton. Originally 14.95 per metre. 0.8 metre piece left. Now greatly reduced.
SIZE fabric width 112cm PRICE piece @ £7.99
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Ref: TM1105
Vampish satin trim
Vampish flocked satin beaded trim. Originally 4.95 per metre, 1.41 metre piece left. Now half price.
SIZE approx. 3.5cm wide PRICE piece @ £3.49
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navy on white, one metre piece left
Ref: VV1011
embroidered hearts tape
Originally 2.95 per metre. This one metre piece now 1.48
SIZE 1.2 cm wide PRICE piece @ £1.48
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Ref: BD1095
Jacquard ottoman edging
Jacquard ottoman edging. Originally 3.95 pm, 0.50m piece left. Now half price.
SIZE approx. 4.9 cm. wide PRICE piece @ £0.99
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natural/pale ivory
Ref: BD1108
Saddle stitched linen tape
Saddle stitched linen tape. Originally 1.95 pm, 0.8m left. Now half price.
SIZE 1.6 cm. wide PRICE piece @ £0.78
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petrol on navy insertion
Ref: BT1040
Stand-up bugle bead fringe
Narrow stand-up bugle bead fringe on net insertion. Originally 5.95 per metre, 0.75m left. Now half price.
SIZE bead fringe 1.0 cm  PRICE piece @ £2.23
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old gold
Ref: CH1016
studded elasticated strip
metal studded elasticated strip. Originally 4.95 per metre, 95cm piece left. Now half price.
SIZE strip 3mm wide PRICE piece @ £2.35
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Ref: BD1152
striped twill braid
Originally 1.75 per metre. This 0.75 metre piece now 0.66
SIZE 1cm wide PRICE piece @ £0.75
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Ref: BD1209
saddle stitch grosgrain braid
saddle stitch grosgrain ribbon braid. Originally 1.95 pm 0.9m left. Now half price.
SIZE 1.0cm wide PRICE piece @ £0.88
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silver chain on black edging
Ref: CH1034
looped chain edging
heavy looped chain on insertion edging. 2m 95 piece left. Originally 3.75 per metre. Now half price.
SIZE loop 1 cm drop / edging 1 cm wide PRICE piece @ £5.53

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