lace & crochet

A frothy and feminine selection of lace, including Valenciennes from France, Broderie Anglaise from Spain and Milanese lace from Italy
BD1051 polka dots on tulle
LC1151 broderie and crochet lace. Available in 2 colours
LC1128 Italian crochet lace
LC1107 delicate lace edging
LC1026 frothy tiered lace
LC1156 loopy Venice lace
LC1103A slotted crochet lace with picots
LC1061 floral embroidered tulle
KN1008 elasticated trim
LC1149 cotton lace 1.0cm. Available in 2 colours
LC1084 Cypriot lace
LC1144 Exquisite embroidered tulle
LC1080 Finest Italian double frill lace
LC1143A Medium embroidered tulle
LC1159 embroidered scalloped tulle
LC1148 Cotton lace 1.3cm. Available in 2 colours
LC1081 Finest Italian slotted lace. Available in 3 colours
LC1143 Narrow embroidered tulle
LC1060 flower-edged tulle
LC1142 Scalloped broderie edging
LC1119 Embroidered Rachel lace
LC1155 guipure daisy lace
LC1154 wide rose lace edging. Available in 2 colours
LC1094 scalloped roses lace. Available in 2 colours
KN1009 fine crocheted trim
KN1010 Exquisite cotton crochet trim
LC1152 multi-coloured Cluny lace
LC1099 vivid pink crochet edging
LC1085 cross stitch lace
LC1068 honeycomb lace elastic trim
KN1011 elasticated trim
LC1065 crochet ribbon lace
LC1104 lace with ribbon inset
LC1129 Tri-colour Italian crochet lace
LC1117 spiders web crochet lace. Available in 3 colours
LC1100 loopy crochet edging
LC1157 ribbon needle lace. Available in 2 colours
LC1127 Elasticated cotton crochet lace
LC1064 cobweb and ribbon lace
LC1028 slotted crochet lace
LC1051 multi-coloured lace
LC1093 elasticated crochet edging. Available in 2 colours
LC1145 delicate scalloped lace. Available in 2 colours
LC1106 crochet latice edging
LC1161 floral Valenciennes lace. Available in 2 colours
LC1158 delicate netted needle lace
LC1082 scalloped floral lace. Available in 3 colours
LC1109 elasticated veiling trim
LC1111 Valenciennes lace. Available in 3 colours
LC1108 Gathered net frou frou trim. Available in 2 colours
LC1110 Scalloped Hearts Lace. Available in 3 colours
LC1125 Italian crochet lace
LC1116 beaded guipure lace. Available in 2 colours
LC1112 floral guipure lace. Available in 2 colours
LC1153 guipure openwork edging
LC1018 fine floral scalloped lace. Available in 7 colours
LC1069 pretty Nottingham-type lace
LC1160 scalloped cotton lace
LC1114 scalloped lace on boucle ribbon. Available in 2 colours
LC1146 Finest broderie anglaise
LC1131 floral gathered broderie
LC1058 embroidered broderie insertion
LC1132 Broderie anglaise flower frill
LC1138 scalloped floral broderie
LC1135 Wide embroidered broderie
LC1133 Scallop eyelet broderie anglaise
LC1137 Medium floral broderie
LC1141 Diamond edged embroidered edging
LC1057 double-sided scallop
LC1139 Narrow embroidered edging
LC1102 knotted netted lace
LC1095 cotton lace edging
LC1096 Fine cotton Cluny lace
LC1140 Narrow broderie insertion
KN1016 pretty elasticated trim
LC1118 Floral broderie anglais edging
LC1045 pretty floral lace
LC1120 Cluny edging lace. Available in 2 colours
LC1126 embroidered cotton lace
LC1122 Trellis and flowers lace
KN1007 crocheted trim
LC1121 tear drop lace
LC1147 simple cotton lace edging. Available in 2 colours
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