gold, silver & sparkle

GD1107 gold embroidered floral trim
GD1105 lustrous fringed ribbon
BD1079 criss cross metallic braid
GD1096 Elasticated gold organza frill
GD1097 Elasticated gold contrast braid. Available in 2 colours
GD1102 Looped metallic braid
GD1103 embroidered gold trimming
GD1082 chevron gold lace
GD1083 gold criss cross edging.
GD1064 stiff antique gold braid
GD1095 Picot lattice braid
GD1088 organza flower trim
GD1101 satin thread couched with gold. Available in 2 colours
GD1099 Shimmering elasticated braid. Available in 4 colours
LC1018A Gold embroidered lace
GD1080 Embroidered scalloped tulle. Available in 2 colours
GD1079 sparkly striped ric-rac
GD1070 sequin & bead floral trim
BD1095 jacquard ottoman edging. Available in 2 colours
RB1320 gold and silver lurex ribbon
RB1302 Decorative narrow gold trim
BT1039 narrow fuschia organza trim
GD1106 gold and satin stitch edging
RB1182 embroidered & sequinned ribbon. Available in 2 colours
RB1084 satin-edged ribbon. Available in 2 colours
SP1002 sparkly lace
GD1001 strung sequins. Available in 2 colours
RB1040 metallic squares ribbon
GD1100 Pearls on wire
SP1001 sparkly looped braid. Available in 4 colours
GD1086 silver iridescent edging
TM1129 pleated taffeta and tulle trim. Available in 4 colours
GD1098 Shimmering elasticated braid
SP1003 simple sparkly braid. Available in 2 colours
TM1130 Shell drops on ribbon
GD1090 heavily sequinned trim
GD1091 Velvet trim with gold applique
TM1062 sequin net
GD1067 2-d flower design on net base
GD1104 criss cross crochet braid
GD1050 loopy-edged metallic braid
GD1093 Velvet ribbon with sequins
BT1017 bead & sequin ribbon
GD1053 metallic lace
GD1062 criss cross trim
GD1072 crimped beaded trim. Available in 2 colours
GD1084 pleated ribbon trim
GD1057 wide metallic lace. Available in 2 colours
BT1040 stand-up bugle bead fringe. Available in 3 colours
GD1087 Lattice trim with gold thread
BT1033 disc and bead trimming. Available in 2 colours
BT1058 Beaded butterfly trimming. Available in 2 colours
RB1323 glittery grosgrain ribbon. Available in 2 colours
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