Decorative Haby

Decorative haberdashery to embellish, adorn and beautify. Including corsages for those special occasions and feather brooches which look great pinned into hat bands or on lapels.
FW1076 handsewn chintzy rose
FW1075A pussycat bow
FW1074 Large corsage. Available in 6 colours
FW1078 Liberty print corsage
FG1093 Quant-style Italian buckle. Available in 4 colours
FW1077 French polka dot corsage
FG1067 decorative pin. Available in 2 colours
FW1073 Silk corsage. Available in 8 colours
FG1080 Contemporary kilt pin
FG1090 braided frog fastening
DC1001 French gingham bow. Available in 2 colours
FG1008 impressive frog fastening
FG1009 Turks head frog fastening
BN1507 velvet cord button
FG1084A large frog fastening
FR10435 Fascinator feather brooch
FG1092 forged metal filigree fastening. Available in 2 colours
BN1467 Chinese corded ball button
FG1091 horn toggle fastening
FG1078 big square press studs
FG1089 faux suede toggle
DC1002 felt poppies. Available in 9 colours
FG1088 metal filigree press studs
BN1654 large snap fasteners. Available in 6 colours
FG1087 rectangular silver buckle
FG1085 silver hook fastening
FG1086 Spanish gilt buckle
FG1083 corsetry-type hook & eye
BD1331 satin hook & eye tape
FR10432 feather brooch with dyed ostrich
FR1067 Buff feather brooch
FR1058 Coq feather brooch
FR1074 pheasant brooch
FR1073 Dyed peacock and feather brooch. Available in 2 colours
FR1072 Pheasant brooch
FR1071A Dyed peacock and feather brooch
FR1064 hen & pheasant brooch
FR1063 downy feather brooch
FR104314 Pheasant & marabou brooch
FR1068 Rich tan feather brooch
BN1515 felt & chenille button
FR1060 feather brooch
BN1516 felt & satin buttons
JHT0001 Dahlia Tassel. Available in 7 colours
FG1073 felted ball fastening
JC1012 Decorative Tassel. Available in 5 colours
FG1082 key tassel. Available in 12 colours
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